A comparison — choosing the right option for the right project.

Numbers do not speak for themselves!. We make them talk.

An essential part of data analysis is communication. We need to arrange information in a comfortable and digestible way to communicate, highlight and visualise critical areas.

Dashboards take your data visualisation to the next level. They connect different visualisation components…

Essential skills to transition from GIS to Spatial Data Science.

GIS skills and education have changed over the past years. “I’ve been GIS. Now I’m geospatial.” writes Will Cadell in a recent article titled Geospatial Is Not GIS.

As a GIS person typically produces cartographic and analytical products using desktop software, Geospatial data scientist creates code and runs pipelines that…

What is MAUP, and how to tackle it?

Maps are spatial representations in the real world. Modifiable Areal Unit Problem (MAUP) is one of the most challenging problems in Spatial data analysis. We face MAUP when performing grouped/aggregated spatial data analysis.

The modifiable areal unit problem (MAUP) is a source of statistical bias that can significantly impact the…

Cartography and Web Mapping Resources

GIS Web development Skills are high in demand, and the open-source tools have become abundant and mature. If you want to build the next generation GIS web applications, there are so many frameworks, applications, and languages you have to master.

Luckily, as we are already stepping into 2022, the availability…

Easy & flexible web maps with Datawrapper.

There are a lot of platforms to make beautiful data visualization without writing code. Some of them you might have used or heard about it. A recent favorite tool is Datawrapper — a free online drag-and-drop visualization tool.

If you want to create interactive and shareable data visualization without writing…

Reading, Visualizing and Analysing DEM in Python

Digital Elevation Models (DEM) is a 3D representation of the earth’s terrain. We use DEM most often for relief maps but are also helpful in many applications, including modeling the water flow and hydrology, surface analysis, and precision farming.

This blog post teaches us how to effectively read, modify, and…


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