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  • Hinda Abdi Mohamud

    Hinda Abdi Mohamud

  • Richard Chou

    Richard Chou

    I am passionate about developing data-driven design strategies for urban design and city building of the next century.

  • Sadik Anod

    Sadik Anod

    Researcher, blogger, bibliophile, coffee maniac.

  • Adam Symington

    Adam Symington

    PythonMaps by Adam Symington. I am a geospatial data scientist and I write about how to create eye catching data visualisations with Python. I really like maps.

  • Diego


    + 100K views on YouTube || Free course on pandas and statistics in data science

  • Mahad Wasuge

    Mahad Wasuge

    Executive Director of Somali Public Agenda, Researcher, Teacher and Blogger.

  • Justin Braaten

    Justin Braaten

    Developer Relations Engineer for Google Earth Engine. See other posts at https://medium.com/google-earth/tagged/earth-engine

  • Dario Radečić

    Dario Radečić

    Data Scientist & Tech Writer | betterdatascience.com

  • Mukhtar Abdi

    Mukhtar Abdi

    MSc in Water Resources Engineering

  • Amy Shearn

    Amy Shearn

    Creator Success @ Medium // Editor of Human Parts & Creators Hub // Novelist // Person

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